Liquid Cooling For Battery Pack



Industrial and commercial energy storage and power battery products are rapidly developing. The increasing energy density of batteries and the objective demand for fast charging both result in the generation of a significant amount of heat during the chemical-to-mechanical energy conversion process. Traditional air cooling or natural convection methods are no longer sufficient to meet the temperature control requirements inside the battery. As a result, battery thermal management is rapidly shifting towards liquid cooling.Aluminum-brazed liquid cooling plates have become the mainstream product structure due to their high heat transfer efficiency, structural strength, lightweight design, and suitability for large-scale production.


In line with this trend and leveraging TechRAD's 15+ years of experience in aluminum-brazed heat exchangers, we have introduced a range of liquid cooling plates specifically designed for efficient heat transfer in close proximity to battery cells.


TechRAD offers the following forms of liquid cooling plates that can be designed and manufactured:

- Stamped plate-type liquid cooling plates
- Extruded tube-type liquid cooling plates
- Extruded tube-collector liquid cooling plates


We can provide the following services to our customers:

- Optimize the design of liquid cooling plates
- Manufacture A/B/C samples using aluminum brazing processes
- Mass production
- Conduct CFD analysis