Car Radiator



TechRAD began researching and manufacturing aluminum radiators for passenger vehicles as early as 2006. To date, we have developed over 1500 different models of radiators for various passenger vehicles and delivered millions of radiators to our  customers. Over the past decade, our products have achieved high user satisfaction due to their consistent quality, high heat exchange efficiency, fast development cycles, and 
competitive pricing.


TechRAD utilizes a continuous atmosphere protection welding process to produce brazed aluminum radiators, and we continuously optimize and improve the details involved in this process. Through the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle, we continuously learn and enhance the quality of our radiators.


TechRAD can produce radiators suitable for the application of BMW, Mercedes, GM, Audi, Toyota, Honda, etc. Starting from 2021, we have also produced a range of radiators suitable for replacing Tesla S3XY models. Currently, we are a top supplier of luxury car radiators, including BBA (BMW, Mercedes, Audi), in China's independent aftermarket.

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