Motorcycle Radiator



TechRAD began researching and manufacturing motorcycle water-cooled radiators as early as 2009, making us one of the early enterprises in China involved in the development and production of this product. To date, we have developed over 100 different models of motorcycle radiators, each tailored to suit various types of motorcycles such as highway cruisers, off-road motorcycles, and scooters.


Our clientele includes several well-known European motorcycle companies. Over the past decade, our products have achieved high user satisfaction due to their consistent quality, high heat exchange efficiency, and fast development cycles.


Our motorcycle water-cooled radiators are designed, manufactured, and continuously improved to meet specific customer requirements.


We offer the following services:

- Design and develop products according to customer specifications
- Manufacture samples
- Conduct mass production
- Provide testing services

In collaboration with excellentsuppliers, TechRAD has also developed brushless motors specifically for motorcycle radiators. Compared to traditional brushed motors, brushless motors offer continuous speed control, stable torque, and digital control capabilities. By eliminating the mechanical friction caused by brushes, brushless motors have a lifespan that is 200% longer than brushed motors.